Friday, January 29, 2010

The Lost Get Found

A few weeks ago, Jeanette found her niece. After Makala's family moved to Knox County a few years ago, phone numbers changed, and we lost touch with her not knowing they moved back last year. Through Facebook (you gotta love it!), Jeanette found Makala's mom and got permission for us to take her Christmas Shopping.

So early Saturday morning (the day after Christmas), Jeanette, Polly and I picked up Makala. Our first stop, remember - this is a Girls' Day Out and where do the Girls go on any excuse? Yes, you guessed it...Chick-Fil-A! Since Makala had never been, we had a fun time introducing her to the Eat-More-Chicken Cows!!

Then on to the serious business of shopping. Polly just had to check out all the after Christmas sales and there were a few. After several hours of going from here to yonder, we girls were plumb tuckered out (none of us are what you call "Shoppers till you drop"; we are more the "Git N and Get R Done!) and getting hungry again. So the vote was made: pick up pizzas and eat them at Pollys. After filling our bellies, it was time for a photoshoot! So we took all kinds of pictures, especially of Polly, Jeanette and Makala trying to make up for lost time.

We had a good day filled with laughter, giggles, silly antics, stories and twenty questions getting to know Makala and reacquainting her with the rest of her family! I am so used to shopping for boys from my own nephews to the skaters at the youth center, that it was quite a new experience shopping for girls: Makala and her sisters! Makala's only request for our next outing: not quite so many pictures! What? We really didn't take that many pictures on this excursion but next such promises could we make!

I couldn't help but be reminded of Britt Nicole's song "The Lost Get Found" as I thought about this reunion. In fact, I bought myself a copy that very day!

Is there someone you thought was lost but now is found? Can you share a little hope? Give someone a reason to believe. Take time to get reunited... the rewards are worth all the efforts!!

Joy 2 u! ~ C ~

Originally posted 1/1/10 on Clarissa's Crew