Friday, January 29, 2010

How Old Are We?

There is just something about some fresh white powder lying untouched on the ground that brings out the kids in all of us! Jeanette and I were no exception this weekend!

I had been watching the birds and taking pictures when Jeanette decided to join me for a walk in the snow! A short walk as I was trying to find the right angle to capture the snow covered creek across the road. Trying not to fall over the hill as no one had been out and about even in boots was quite a challenge. According to Jeanette’s calculations, we had about six inches of snow by Saturday afternoon (I'm not really sure how accurate this was - as she was measuring on the side of the hill!).
While I am taking pictures of snow covered pine trees, Jeanette and the cats (yes, the cats are always nearby when someone is outside) are posing for pics as they are the prime suspects in why I don’t have more “Great” Bird Watching Pictures! However, I did talk Jeanette into making a snow angel…which was way funny (check out the video) and totally offended the cats’ dignity (so they were off…back to the house in a flash)!!~

By the time, we got ourselves back to the house, we were ready for a warm fire, some hot tea and lunch! All this exercise and fresh outdoor air sure stirs up a girl’s appetite! We weren’t the only ones enjoying the snow…dad has been out several times each day with the leaf blower turned snow blower “playing” (a.k.a. blowing the snow off the drive, making paths through the yard..why do we need paths in the yard? - it's not like we are going anywhere!) So if you are wondering what to purchase for that hard to please guy on your list...I highly recommend a really cheap leaf/snow blower (you might not get very much work done but they will have lots of fun doing nothing!) Get out and Enjoy the winter wonderland! ~ C

Previously posted 1/10/10 on Clarissa's Crew