Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Dawson Grant

Early one very snowy morning ten years, we received the much anticipated phone call..."It's time!" Heading to Lexington as fast as we could in the horrible weather conditions wanting to be present for the arrival of Dawson Grant Hodge. Joy quickly turned to tears as complications arose and this little guy suffered a stroke in the womb. Fearing we would lose both Donna and Dawson, frantic calls for urgent prayer were made. And those prayers paid off! Although he spent several weeks in the hospital, if you know Dawson today, you would never believe the rough start he had in life! He is amazing proof of a living, miracle-working God!

So to celebrate his 10th birthday (he has lived a decade now!! - it is unbelievable how fast time is progressing), I put together a special slide show. Of course, for you to really appreciate Dawson, would take more than the many pictures I have included (how do you pick and choose from so many pictures?) so I had to choose the highlights of the early years and the latter years. (Thanks Donna for sharing pics with us!)

I've heard it said that you can't love another's children, more than your own. However, with no children of my own, I can't imagine loving any kids more than my three nephews. Each one has a special place in my heart. Dawson has always been the one whose heart is touched by others' hurt and is compassionate. He always loves to make people laugh. He is quite artistic and an imaginative writer. He likes to read, loves puzzles and games. He is a Star Wars Junkie (like his grandma) and a collector of old-fashioned trucks. Brothers will be brothers and he can really irritate his but just let someone else try - and he is all over it. I will never forget the night at the beach, when Grandpa and Kevin were playing but acting like they were going to throw Jaden in the ocean. Although Dawson was afraid of the water then, he was not going to let them hurt Jaden. Pretty soon, everyone needed consoling.

Dawson, I hope you have a very Happy Tenth Birthday! Know that you are loved! May the Lord bless and keep you in all yours ways and may you honor him in all you do!!

~ C ~
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