Friday, January 29, 2010

January 20, 2010 ~ A Special Untypical Day in My Life

This day was a day of blessings, surprises and laughter...not that this would atypical for a day in my life but it was more the "whoms" that made it special.

First off, our family was surprised with an unexpected visit from my Uncle Joe and cousin Rex. We had no idea they were on a road trip through Kentucky when we received the knock on our door. Surprise!! We had a good evening of catching up, some serious discussions, good stories, and lots of had to be good as we were up until at least 2 am.
It felt so good to re-connect with family! Who knew there were so many photographers in the Hodge family? You can be sure I am going to be taking advantage of their experiences.

Then early the next morning, Joe and Rex was up making breakfast before I left for work. Although I am not usually an early eater, a gal could get spoiled having gentlemen cooking in the kitchen at 7 am!
Joe did most of the work: making homemade biscuits, bacon and gravy. But Rex did assist - as he made the eggs. Of course, he forewarned everyone that normally the kitchen is off limits for him...even the fire department advises him to stay out of that location! :) A pretty good country breakfast to start the day out right!

I hated to leave while we still had company but off to work I went. Later in the morning, I had another extra special surprise. As you may have noticed from my previous post, January 20th is Dawson's birthday, my oldest nephew. I got to talk to him for quite a while via Instant Messaging (there are days when I really love technology). If I had any doubts that this boy is growing up, they vanished during our conversation. He is a really good typist and excellent speller and quite funny to boot. Later, he told his mom that the best part of His day was chatting with me. How this auntie's heart just melted? This birthday boy gave his aunt a most precious gift on this day!

Just as I am feeling overwhelmed with blessings...a friend brings by a special treat: Blueberry Italian Cheesecake...oh my, there aren't any words to describe how delicious it tasted. Not a store bought but Home Made by Italian chefs topped with REAL blueberries. Life is Good!

A quick power nap after work invigorated me for a good service. There is just no better to end the day than with worship and the Word of God which speaks life and truth and hope to our innermost beings!

Overwhelmed with Thanksgiving!