Friday, February 12, 2010

Shoveling Snow....There's Nothing Like It!

This winter has been one memorable snow event after another. Thankfully, most have arrived on the weekends so I could actually enjoy them with the worries of driving in it. The other reason I am thankful is for one of my dad’s brightest, most inventive ideas.

Our home is situated on a hill with a pretty steep driveway which can be quite treacherous when covered with snow and ice.

So my dad had an idea one day to cover the concrete portion of our drive with plastic. Then when the snow’s come and go, all we have to do is sweep off the snow, scoot over the plastic…and Voila…a clean driveway!!!

Well, our last snow was some heavy stuff and, of course, dad’s snow blower tore up! That meant some muscle work and a snow shovel was involved! As I was already bundled up and out taking pics anyway, I “assisted” my dad with the snow removal (in between pictures!).

With some good team work, it didn’t take long to get the snow off and the driveway cleared but it will be a long while before I forget the special time together!

Make a memory with someone special in your life! This very day!

Motorcross Championships

One Friday evening, we girls (Jeanette, Makala and I) decided on a girls night out…but what to do? Being it was January, there was not a lot on…but then I saw it: Motorcross Championships at the new Corbin arena. Why not? After a delicious fish dinner at Cracker Barrell, we were off to our adventure. For a Friday night, I was surprised at how few people were out and about – mostly teens and young families. I must confess, having never been to a motorcross event, I was a little nervous about this being a “Family-Friendly” event. I should have had no worries. The evening started with a devotion from the Bible, prayer, and a salute to the flag. Wow! I was totally impressed! (just about as impressed as I was the night we went to the radio and had a similar experience!) Of course, if I were out there doing the stunts these guys (and gals), I would have wanted to start the evening with prayer as well.

From the Peewee Division (who were too cute and determined) to the Juniors (who were quite competitive) then on to the pros. I kept finding myself holding my breath over and over as flips and jumps kept happening, near misses on curves, and, of course, the accidents (you kept hoping the guys on the ground would get out of the way in time and sure enough they did!) The pics make seem like the action was slow but there was was no doubt these riders were moving on. And the need to know sign language!

As the evening progressed, I don’t know who got more excited, Jeanette, me or Makala. (Actually, I am thinking Makala won by a landslide!) With bikes, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, and some strange contraptions, we saw a little bit of everything! I must say the lady riders were just as exciting as the guys! (Almost! but they did really well!) By the time of the finals, we were cheering the guys on with the best of them but #355 totally stole our cheers! He was definitely one talented, awesome rider! Of course, he wasn’t the only one but what can I say! He won!!! Oh Yeah Baby!

So, if you are looking for some good clean fun, family atmosphere, exciting, sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-adventure, check out the Victory Sports sponsored motorcross coming to you!

Joy 2 u!